David Arsenault

Going Towards the Light, May 2020
Oil on Canvas
18 x 24 x 1.50 in
It's late in the day, the shadows are long, and your workday is over. It's more vital than ever to get outside, to breathe some fresh air, and to experience the sense of freedom you crave. It helps to have a beautiful neighborhood to enjoy and special places to visit—as long as you share what you see. As an artist, that’s what I’m called to do.

And when we go out, what do we see? Nature, in all of its life-sustaining beauty and diversity is blessed with a respite allowing for its return to a more robust state of health across earth, sea, and sky. Nature: something of which we are an undeniable part, offering rest and renewal to people forced to stay-at-home and desperate for the gifts of the outdoors. Nature: a source of inspiration for generation after generation of artists, presenting us with endless opportunities to internalize, understand, and express what we feel in her presence. And when bathed in the magic of light, it invites us to do exactly that. And we do…because we must.