Krystal W Brown

Floating, May 2020
6 x 12 in
“Floating” was created in plein air during the COVID 2020 stay at home order along with several other pieces from my backyard sanctuary and studio. The first couple of weeks at home, when I was scheduled to be painting at plein air events, were confusing and frustrating times. I was unable to create. We made masks and I took care of the house and my family while feeling guilty for worrying about my livelihood and career that was completely stopped while others were sick and dying. We planted a garden and took care of neglected repairs and waited to see what would happen next. I watched my peers paint people in masks, toilet paper rolls, and front line medical people. I admired what they were doing but felt no desire to paint those subjects. The first piece I painted after we all started staying home was a five foot by seven foot piece that began with me expressing the anger and confusion I was experiencing in color. I accepted and allowed myself to feel all the frustration and guilt for not wanting to paint about it. Then I started painting what I loved about my backyard. “Floating” was painted while in the pool with my pochade box precariously perched on a floating pool toy. Looking for and finding beauty during this time is different for each of us. This piece symbolizes how even when we are caught up in a current we have no control over we can still go with the flow and float until we find our footing again.