Justin T Worrell

Fermata II, May 2020
Oil on Panel
12 x 12 in
The title of this piece, “Fermata”, is a musical notation that indicates a note (or rest) should be prolonged beyond normal duration. As a Tonalist, I paint moments of compromise between the temporal and eternal to arrive at a heightened sense of spirituality. I want to find the light which serves as a causeway between realms and prolong my exposure to it in the hope that I will find meaning. Quarantine has, in its own way, served this purpose. It’s been both an adversary and a conduit not only for my everyday life but certainly in my art as well. Tonalism, I feel, is an optimistic art form and I believe we will prevail in these trying times and come out the other side all the better. At its core, I suppose this is what my art is about; finding peace and a place warmed with belief.