Shawn Krueger

Evening Marsh, 2020
Oil on Panel
5.50 x 9 x 0.12 in
Anyone following my career for even a short while, will have undoubtedly heard me mention the imaginary 50 acres of property I own. It is near the mountains with plenty of rolling side hills, rocky Erratics and gentle waterfalls. These eventually flow down the lower spots of the property where there is marsh and sedge. There are plenty of pine and birch trees that bend gently for their chance at some morning or evening light. It snows there a bit, but not too often. Because it doesn't exist, no one can trespass on it. Its imaginary wildlife is safe and no one leaves their trash behind. I love this place. I didn't need any excuse for staying in and mentally hiking this land for inspiration. While I do appreciate the invaluable lessons that have come from years of experience in plein-air painting, I find now I am able to better focus on a sense of place when I am not in a particular place, and that, ultimately, is what I think I care more about these days.