Nina Chatham

Mixed Media, Collage
8 x 8 x 1.50 in
During this pandemic, I am very concerned because I have had pneumonia twice and am easily prone to bronchitis, so I started isolating early. I was productive at first and then became out of sorts. I knew I needed to start creating art. I find, in general, the process is always engaging and therapeutic for me. I decided to try something different to make art for me, and enjoy the process. I have discovered a variation of different techniques and this painting is the first and my favorite so far. As this crazy pandemic goes on, I got a call that my 92 year old mother had a horrible fall, but I could not be with her even though she was COVID free. With my nervous energy I did what I could and went right back to my drawing board. A month later I am able to be with my mother and we are hoping for the best. During this unprecedented time, my art continues to comfort me as we continue to wait for a cure.