Weldon B Ryan

De Flag Mon, 2021
Oil on Canvas
51 x 31 x 1.50 in
Caribbean people have contributed greatly to America. The art world however has not, but for Jean Michel Basquiat, he has been receptive to Caribbean themed art such as "De Flag Mon" done in a contemporary realistic style has been embraced fully.

I paint about the Caribbean Carnival and about the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora. "De Flag Mon" was painted to depict Caribbean Carnival with "De Flag Mon" belonging to the Haitian Mas band Te Chapo as a break out piece. The history of this Caribbean country is full of pride and determination despite it being the poorest country in this hemisphere. Pride is shown on the face of the male subject in heroic stance and rendition. My hope is "De Flag Mon" and other paintings about our Caribbean fine art culture and community will spur on interest in this segment of art.