Peter Jones

Covid Head, 2022
Not Available
Because my work is done in solitude for the most part I did not seem to notice a big difference in my day-to-day routine. I wasn’t sure if it would affect me. After a while, it became clear that outside and in my community the world was different. I began to sculpt a series of creatures that represented the Covid-19 virus. I had done a series of indigenous women harmed by an unseen evil in recent years by a perpetrator that is still at large. At least with this virulent disease, we know what it is and how to fight it. Another series I did was of masked people after the mask had become ubiquitous with everyday life. Eventually, the virus began to affect people close to my family. The sculpture of the coronavirus head was the latest rendition of the virus causing the pandemic and I was hoping it would be the last.

Location: table in library