Lyndi Angermeier

Coral and Crimson, November 2016
Acrylic, Oil and Oil Pastel on Canvas
16 x 20 x 0.75 in
I found my way back into my studio five months into the pandemic and began working on some abstract pieces. "Coral and Crimson" is an abstracted floral that was created in 2016, but has a similar emotional quality to the abstract work I’m creating now. It was painted in a 3-hour session while referencing a potted plant on the table in front of me. The underpainting was done in acrylic, masking off some of the painting to create the focal area in the center of the composition. I used a palette knife to apply the thick areas. I finished the details of the painting, including the leaves and flower shapes, with oils and oil pastels. I am more interested in color harmonies and shapes, than in creating something realistic. This painting has an energetic and dynamic mood. The color purple is known to convey something spiritual. The shaft of sunlight falling across the plant underscores that. I hope, through my images, to elevate other's spirits and allow their imagination to wander.