Beth Cole

Constancy, June 2020
Oil on Canvas
24 x 30 x 1.50 in
I've always heard you can't hide from the paint, that what you are feeling as you paint will always come out on canvas. This painting is titled "Constancy" and as I consider the swirl of events we have experienced in 2020, it may be my way of symbolizing things that don't change. Some things you can depend on in life. The sun will rise, and it will set. The sounds of life around us and the beauty of the natural world remain, and rejuvenate themselves, no matter what is happening around us. The barn embodies constancy in a sense. It is a place on which you can depend to keep, store, nurture, and protect what has been entrusted to you. I like thinking about the stability and stewardship that a barn represents, as well as how it ties into the whole idea of the unchanging natural world.