William Wofford

Centenarian, 1990
Watercolor on Paper
8.12 x 12.12 in
Price on Request
In September 1990, on my first trip to Maine visiting a friend and fellow artist, I drove by myself from his studio/gallery in Northeast Harbor for a day trip to Stonington. Since it was my first visit, I didn't really know where I was going but was in no hurry. Everything was so beautiful and unique to this native Floridian. On my way, I came across this church. As any tourist and artist will do, I photographed every interesting subject I could find and collected every local paper and map. After returning home, I discovered a newspaper article mentioning the fact that the church was celebrating its 100th anniversary the weekend I came upon it. Thus, the title.

For the most part, I have an affinity toward subjects, and objects, that I have daily interactions with. Subjects that are personal, whether they be animate or inanimate, take on a life of their own. They often have more private meaning than many would assume at first glance, and the more you can relate to any subject, the more of yourself you can put into it. There is also a case to be made, however, for a pure interest in light and shadow, abstract design, simplicity, balance, and subjects that can more easily relate to a larger audience.

Rather than select a subject from my immediate surroundings, which I so often prefer, and as a means of going back in time and revisiting not only friendships but happier and healthier times, I have chosen "Centenarian".