Janice Wright

Calm Day, July 2020
9 x 12 in
In the time of COVID, we all look for ways to return to normal. When I am in the act of painting plein air, life feels normal again. My brain is filled-up with observing what is before me and selecting the right elements to create a well-composed painting. The process forces me to be present and requires me to ask myself a series of questions, seeking to understand.

Questions such as...how do the color of leaves change when they are touched by sunlight? What is the shape of the leaves of each particular tree or bush? How is the color of water influenced by the position of the sun in the sky and the reflections of items around it? What does the texture of the bark on the trees look like and how do I represent that with paint and a brush? Knowing each bit of information helps me to paint a better painting. Absorbed by these thoughts, the concerns of the world melt away.

My hope is that viewers who see this painting are also transported to that place where I stood; a peaceful place by the water…allowing their cares of the world to melt away.