Cyrus A Nelson

Black Sheep
Mixed Media
36 x 36 in
Not Available
"Black Sheep” was a bit personal for me and many others told me the piece was relatable. Feelings of isolation and loneliness from loved ones during the pandemic can take a toll on one’s mental health and wellness and mine were both affected.

In spite of that, COVID-19 has been an unexpected blessing. One consequence of the pandemic was being furloughed and eventually terminated from my corporate job. Not knowing what would happen next, I stepped out on faith deciding to truly focus on my art. I was filled with anxiety and palpable fear, but I followed my heart.

Fortunately, I have been able to sell and allow others to collect my work all nationwide and even overseas. I thank God for allowing me to be able to share my creativity and passion during this unfortunate time.

“Black Sheep” is hope. We are all unique and special. Tap into your potential and flourish. Believe in yourself and the beauty that shines within you! Keep Going!