Ellen Howard

Beyond the Light, April 2020
20 x 24 in
At the start of our sheltering in place, I had anxiety about what COVID-19 was and how people in our local and global communities would be affected. There was so much information being presented, from so many sources, which often contradicted each other – it was hard to know what was true. It was difficult to get a handle on the current situation and our situation seemed to change every day. I was disheartened as I watched all my commitments to gallery shows, art events and competitions get cancelled. I made the conscious decision to take some time to center myself by taking hikes, listening to music, meditating and of course, painting. I realized at a much deeper level that I could only control myself and my thoughts and that I could choose how I looked at our changed world.

I choose to look for the “light” or positive hope in every situation and to accept the changing environment around me. I started to be drawn to painting sunsets. I loved the vibrant, cheerful colors that are seen in sunsets. Every sunset is spectacular, and viewers feel a sense of peace and happiness having seen one. I was also drawn to the sense that sunsets represent the last ray of light at the end of the day – a ray of hope that one day has ended with an anticipation that another day full of promise is on the horizon. My Painting “Beyond the Light” is my expression of this beautiful ray of light signifying our hope for a better tomorrow with a greater understanding of ourselves and our fellow human beings.