Val Sandell

Belly Up to the Bar, 2020
18 x 24 x 1 in
Just as I was close to reestablishing my plein air travels and professional relationships after moving from Florida to Texas (and again within the state) over several years, news of the pandemic began an immediate self-imposed quarantine for me. As an artist, moving from one distinct region to another presents challenges to learn your way around, and deal with a different palette and climate. I had built up a body of work from Texas and was about to venture out to more locales for new studio field studies. So with the advent of being home/studio-bound, my whole focus had to change yet again. I went back through plein air paintings and reference photographs to discover a fresh eye for previous ideas I had put on hold. The result was completing paintings which took me full circle from depicting Florida to Texas, and back to Florida again. I hope "Belly Up to the Bar" provides a bit of lightheartedness in these uncertain times.