Kathleen Denis

Be Still SOLD, April 2020
8 x 10 in
During COVID-19, as panic and fear overtook my entire being, I began painting scenes in which I find the most comfort, scenes that bring me back to my “happy place” of calm and peace, a place of rest and joy. The Abacos is that place for me: vivid colors, brilliant light and cozy porches. I often say, “When I paint, I feel the presence of God in my life.” This was never a truer statement while painting during this time, as I could I feel the presence of God melting away the fears and creating calm and peace within me. And then, I am still.

Be still in my fear. Be still in my pain. Be still in my anger. Be still.

Be still on my porch. Be still on my couch. Be still on my bed. Be still.

Be still in my panic. Be still in my uncertainty. Be still in my confusion. Be still.

Be still in my darkness. Be still in my sickness. Be still in my hopelessness. Be still.

Be still AND KNOW that I am God. - Psalm 46:10