Brenda K Robinson

Acrylic and Mixed Media
24 x 18 x 1.50 in
INCALCULABLE: to great to be calculated or estimated.

2020 was not a very good year. The New York Times printed a front page grim statistic of Coronavirus deaths in the United States. Its stated purpose was to turn this death rate into a more humanistic representation of the scale of human loss. Certain human losses. The lack of concern and nonchalance of the affect of this virus towards the poor and people of color. There are deep scars that are festering.

This painting is from a series I am doing about scars in and on our bodies. The scars of the ancestors. The scars of not caring. The scars of just being ""throw away people."" I believe that these scars will become again like pure gold. The scars in the bones remember.