Peter Pettegrew

American Situation - SOLD
Oil on Board
14 x 11 in
I have found it interesting how quickly COVID-19 went from a problem in a distant country to a problem the heartland of America in such a short period of time. All fifty states are now affected. It has changed everything we know so profoundly. I decided to take an American Icon "American Gothic" by Grant Wood and re-paint it under our current situation. In doing so, our country's great iconic artwork would be thus affected as well.

Not exactly my normal genre, I printed off a picture of "American Gothic" on copy paper and in pencil, made a grid over the top of it. Then I made a corresponding grid on the surface of a primed painting panel. From there, I carefully drew out the image, using the grid to keep it proportionally correct. Then, using a brush that I would normally sign my looser landscapes with, I began putting color into the drawing. It was almost like putting a puzzle together and just as mesmerizing to do. Then, I began to make my changes...

In the end, "American Situation" sums up the way I feel about this thing. The wife looks very concerned, gazing at her husband for answers. He in turn looks bewildered, perhaps sliding towards bankruptcy. I'm certain that I am not too far off from what probably summarizes much of how many families are feeling at this very moment.