Andrew Orr

A Summer View - SOLD, 2019
20 x 24 in
Living on the Vermont/Canadian border has given me countless opportunities to explore a quieter area of the state of Vermont. The beauty of the Vermont landscape and in this case, the lovely views into Quebec, are all part of the many joys of living in a more remote location of the state.

This painting depicts a scene with a view that is located on my property. I live on a 12-acre parcel with a variety of subject matter from which to find inspiration for my paintings. A pond, large perennial gardens, meadows, woodlands and woodland stream area all part of the material from which I am so incredibly fortunate to be able to compose many of my paintings.

I would say this copse of trees and brush is one of my favorite places here on the property. I have loved watching this area through the seasons. It is simple and unassuming but rich and lovely with diversity. Every season, different times of the day and even lighting conditions seem to offer new inspirations. The shapes of the clusters of foliage and brush, the colors of the leaves and the beauty of the wildflowers are peaceful to me. There is a mystery in this cluster of trees as under the brush and growth are remnants of an old stone wall. It always feels this part of the property is trying to tell me a story.

Stopping by this vignette has become part of my ritual when walking the property. It is like visiting an old friend. Witnessing the seasonal changes throughout the year is almost like that point in a conversation with a close friend when comes the lovely, open-ended question, “So, what’s new with you?” Every time I seem to visit this stand of trees, there is more sharing, more learning; there is always something new.

During this time of isolation, social distancing and uncertainty, being in the middle of 12 acres on the border of Vermont, with few people around have provided for much reflection and opportunities of quiet gratitude. In the stillness of this time I am grateful for the opportunities to be with nature and to have nature as something ever-present, strong and sure on which to rely upon. I hope in some small way, with the completion of this painting I have been able to share a little of what nature is trying to communicate to me.