A Guardian Portal, 2017
Oil and Ink on Canvas
39 x 82 x 1.50 in
I have always understood that my talent is a gift entrusted to me by God. My responsibility is to share this gift and communicate a message of hope. Prior to the pandemic, I found my inspiration connecting with locals and tourists while drawing at various establishments throughout the city of Miami Beach, Florida. Sheltering in place made it impossible for me to share my gift. I knew I needed to establish an online presence, so I began to inventory and photograph my work. This activity proved to be very cathartic and it was this piece, in particular, completed in 2017, and titled “A Guardian’s Portal” that brought immediate comfort in a time of significant grief.

The artwork documents two worlds with the visible world encapsulated by one thick black line. The candle beyond the church is lit with prayers and opens the portal to the invisible world in times of disorder. The guardians arrive to maintain order, restore balance, and provide protection. I have hope that this same scenario is occurring now and the balance in our universe will once again be restored.