Alicia Stewart

A Flower for You, March 2020
Watercolor on Paper
11 x 15 in
I began this piece just as COVID-19 was starting to spread rampantly across the US and states were going into quarantine. It was terrifying, and as a mother to an eight-month-old baby and newly pregnant, I felt I couldn't go anywhere. We made an emergency trip to the grocery store for two weeks of food, then I hibernated at home with my family.

The news was constantly dire. Everywhere in Maryland was in lockdown. So, I turned to my art during nap times and bedtime as an outlet and escape. It was spring, and flowers were starting to bloom despite the horrifying headlines.

I could not stop painting them. I did realistic flowers, I did loose flowers, but my favorites are of hands holding flowers and somewhere in between realistic and loose. This one is an outreach of friendship during a trying time, a gift from one friend to another. I hope this painting also brings you a ray of sunshine, as it did for me while I was painting it.